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The Washington Post: Poor infrastructure and a small space made the 2022 World Cup a local tournament

With each passing day since the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, fans’ interest is waning, due to the geographical nature of the State of Qatar, poor infrastructure and weak capabilities. These are things that, taken together, made the fans very bored quickly. The fans expressed their displeasure with the high prices of hotels, the inadequacy of tents or tourist ships docking near Doha, as well as the country’s unprecedented small size for them or compared to Russia which organized the 2018 World Cup.

Local championship

According to the Washington Post, from the road to the airport to the center of Doha, all the stadiums and hotels hosting the tournament can be seen, making the World Cup something of a local tournament. The games are causing a lot of annoyance in the capital, which suffers from an extremely difficult traffic jam and a major traffic crisis, as the police struggled to ease congestion around the Education City Stadium after the match between Tunis and Denmark on Wednesday evening. In one of the subway cars, a group of fans gathered around a man holding a cell phone and watching Japan beat Germany, 2-1. What happened was to hold the world’s largest sporting event in the smallest Gulf country, she said. Qatar is about 4,400 square miles, about the size of Connecticut, while Russia, which hosted the 2018 World Cup, is more than 6.3 million square miles – about 1,500 Qatar’s size. Brazil, which hosted it in 2014, is more than 3.2 million square miles – 727 times the size of Qatar, and even Switzerland, the smallest country before Qatar, is three times the size of the host country.

Escape to the UAE

According to the US newspaper, despite the crowded neighborhoods, more than one million people are expected to meet in the country of 2.9 million people, increasing the population by more than a third. Where do they all live? Some stay in hotels that charge more than $1,000 a night. “For those who cannot afford either option, there are less expensive apartments available, as well as dedicated shelters with accommodation costs of around $200 per night, it said, adding that the vast majority have fled to the UAE, for its luxurious hotels, lower-priced accommodation, and spectacular infrastructure, with the UAE among the world’s most popular tourist destinations.”

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