The White House Comments on the Absence of Princess Kate

The White House expressed on Wednesday its wishes for the speedy recovery of Princess Kate of Wales, who underwent surgery in January in London, sparking a wave of speculation due to her absence from public appearances.

According to the French Press Agency, White House spokesperson Karen Jean-Pierre said during a chat with reporters, “I haven’t spoken about Kate Middleton with the President.”

She added aboard the presidential plane as President Joe Biden headed north, “Of course, we wish her a speedy recovery. She has asked for privacy, and we will, of course, respect that.”

The British princess is highly regarded in the United States, and American media closely follow recent controversies shaking the royal family in London.

Kensington Palace posted a photo of the Princess smiling and surrounded by her children on Sunday, on the occasion of Mother’s Day in Britain, in an attempt to put an end to rumors and speculations about her absence from public life for about two months after undergoing major abdominal surgery.

However, the discovery of multiple alterations to this image, and its withdrawal by five of the largest news agencies that published it, followed by a public apology from Kate who claimed responsibility for manipulating the image under the pretext of “experimenting with her photo editing skills,” had the opposite effect, undermining trust in the information disseminated by the royal circles.

The White House spokesperson was asked on Tuesday whether the U.S. presidency had previously altered photos of the president, to which she replied, “Are you trying to compare us to what happens in the United Kingdom? No, that’s not something we do here.”

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