They strive to return to ground zero… Libyan Brotherhood obstructs elections 

The UN envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, accused the “High Council of State,” dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, of obstructing the political process by rejecting the electoral laws passed by the House of Representatives.

Bathily reiterated in his latest briefing to the United Nations Security Council last Thursday that the head of the so-called “High Council of State,” the Brotherhood leader Mohammed Tukala, continues to reject the electoral laws as approved by the House of Representatives. He demands a return to the draft agreed upon by the members of the 6+6 Joint Committee in Bouznika, with the aim of obstructing the process and bringing it back to ground zero, as reported by Africa Gateway.

According to the UN envoy, the main Libyan institutional parties are not keen on resolving the outstanding issues of political dispute to pave the way for long-awaited elections in Libya. This refers to the State Council, which rejects the electoral laws approved by the Libyan parliament, “despite the completion of the constitutional and legal framework for the elections by the 6+6 Joint Committee between the House of Representatives and the High Council of State in 2023 and its subsequent approval by the House of Representatives, in a process that took more than 11 months.”

The UN envoy stated in his briefing that “the way out of the crisis requires resolving all the issues that prevented the holding of elections in 2021 through negotiations and consensus on a political settlement among the main institutional parties,” referring to the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, both of which failed to agree on electoral laws to lead the African country to democratic elections.

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