Little Snow Moon” Adorns the Sky After a Few Days… What Do We Know About the “Mini Moon”?

Earth is gearing up to witness one of the most beautiful astronomical phenomena, the “Little Snow Moon,” which will grace the sky on February 24, despite its unassuming appearance.

It is well known that all astronomical phenomena and events have no impact on human health or daily activities on Earth, except for daytime phenomena like solar eclipses or the transit of Mercury or Venus across the solar disk.

This is because looking at the sun with the naked eye is generally very harmful, while other astronomical phenomena occur at night in the absence of the sun, making them enjoyable to observe for enthusiasts and aficionados, provided there are clear weather conditions and a cloud-free sky.

As the unique phenomenon approaches, the “Space” website has provided a wealth of information about the event, including:

  • The “Mini Moon” occurs when the Moon approaches its apogee, making it appear slightly smaller in the sky than the average size of the full moon.
  • This full moon can be classified as a “Little Moon,” although this term is not astronomically recognized; it simply describes the fact that the Moon appears somewhat smaller.
  • The difference in size between the “Little Moon” and another full moon illuminating the sky each month is not significant enough to be noticed, estimated at around 10%.
  • Whether it’s a “Mini Moon” or a “Giant Moon,” both phenomena occur because the Moon’s orbit is not perfectly circular. At its closest point, the Moon is about 360,000 km from Earth, while at its farthest distance, it’s about 405,000 km from our planet.
  • February’s full moon is also called the “Snow Moon” because this month of the year is often the coldest in most countries in the northern hemisphere, with some regions experiencing snowfall.
  • The name “Snow Moon” dates back to some Native American tribes, who also referred to it as the “Hunger Moon,” “Bear Moon,” and “Great Moon,” among others.
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