Thyroid disorders: What foods to avoid?

Soy, the Enemy of the Thyroid

There is one food that should be avoided when taking Levothyrox-type therapy: soya, because of its scientifically proven antithyroid effect. This legume plant is rich in isoflavones. natural chemicals that interfere with thyroid function and intestinal absorption of levothyroxine. the synthetic thyroid hormone found in the medicine.

Levothyrox, caution with grapefruit

If grapefruit is not the cause of hypothyroidism, grapefruit should be consumed sparingly by people who take Levothyrox because of its enzyme-inhibiting effect. This means that it acts on some of the enzymes that metabolize the medicine in the gut and liver. The molecule then passes directly into the blood without having been transformed. which exposes a risk of overdose. But if this property of grapefruit is known, it must nevertheless be put into perspective. Levothyrox is a treatment that will be taken for life. so people who love grapefruit can take it once in a while if they wish.

Thyroid disorders: Foods to avoid

Diet has a significant impact on the management of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, and some foods should be consumed with caution. There is no forbidden food, but precautions are needed. This is particularly the case with so-called ‘goitrogens’ foods (which can cause an increase in goiter by preventing the absorption of iodine). Foods that should be restricted when the thyroid gland is in trouble include all types of cabbage, turnip, radish, millet. sweet potato, cassava. and almonds, mustard. peanuts, garlic, and onion.

Foods that are good for the thyroid gland

Some foods are particularly appropriate for hypothyroidism, and regular intake may be sufficient to achieve rebalancing in early hypothyroidism (TSH 4 to 10 mU/l). Thus, whole grains. brewer’s yeast, brazil nuts, shellfish. shellfish and sea fish, rabbit, red meat. eggs, mushrooms, oysters, veal liver, unsweetened cocoa. sesame seeds are particularly indicated to take care of its thyroid.

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