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To Save the World… Intensive UAE Efforts to Confront Food Security and Famine”

Intensive UAE Efforts to Confront Food Security and Famine 

Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of State for the United Arab Emirates, issued an appeal to the international community, urging for more concerted action to address the pressing challenge of food security. The UAE is leading intensive international efforts to confront food security and its significant impact, particularly in several Arab countries, including Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Lebanon.

According to the international magazine “The National,” the UAE’s initiative was taken during an open discussion at the United Nations Security Council regarding famine and global conflicts stemming from food insecurity. The call for the discussion was led by the United States, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken presiding.

UAE Efforts

The international magazine reported that the UAE has embarked on efforts to address food security and famine, especially in the Middle East, due to its immense significance to the region. Al Kaabi stated, “We must deepen international partnerships and maximize the benefits of multi-stakeholder forums at both the international and regional levels.”

Al Kaabi emphasized the need for novel responses to the crisis and highlighted the critical role of addressing climate change as a driving force behind food insecurity. She called for special focus on disproportionately affected groups, such as women and youth, and advocated for their active participation in designing effective solutions. “Recognizing inequality is not enough; we must encourage their full, equal, and purposeful engagement.”

Food Security

The international magazine noted that the UAE’s statement at the Security Council drew attention to ongoing efforts to combat food insecurity, the nation’s active participation in public-private partnerships, and attempts to provide food assistance to the most vulnerable and impoverished populations worldwide.

It further noted that the UAE’s statement highlighted the prominent cooperative effort between the UAE and the United States known as the Climate-Resilient Agri-Innovation Mission. This initiative aims to stimulate innovation in climate-smart agriculture and has successfully raised over $13 billion USD to accelerate transformative change.

The magazine concluded by stating that the worsening food security crisis continues to impose significant challenges on global stability and the well-being of millions around the world. In light of these circumstances, the UAE’s call for international unity and innovative methods is a crucial step toward facing this crisis head-on.

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