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Tragic Disaster… Witnesses of the Flour Massacre Describe Scenes of Horror, Chaos, and Death in Gaza

Since October 7th, the war between Hamas and Israel within the Gaza Strip has escalated, resulting in over 30,000 casualties in recent months. The latest atrocity was the Flour Massacre, where Israeli forces bombed some Gaza residents awaiting aid.

The Rashid Street incident, which occurred on Thursday, February 29th and was dubbed the “Flour Massacre,” claimed over 112 lives and left 760 injured. This prompted the European Union’s foreign minister, Josep Borrell, to express his “horror” at “another massacre of civilians in Gaza who are in desperate need of humanitarian aid.”

Witnesses to the incident recounted terrifying scenes. One said, “I saw people falling to the ground after being shot, while others simply grabbed the food supplies they had and continued to flee for their lives.”

Thousands spent the cold night along the coastal road, huddled together amid small fires, awaiting aid to feed their families amidst escalating famine in Gaza.

Omani activist Badr Al-Mahrouqi commented on the massacre via the “X” platform: “In an unforgettable tragic moment, Israeli tanks opened fire on thousands of hungry civilians who were waiting for aid trucks to alleviate their hunger. This is inhumane under any circumstances.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Sam Joseph’s account notes that after the “Flour Massacre,” activists documented a new Israeli targeting of displaced Palestinians awaiting humanitarian aid in northern Gaza at the al-Nabulusi Roundabout, resulting in more casualties.

Palestinian activist Khaled Safi shared that comprehensive documentation of the initial moments when Israeli forces committed the massacre against citizens on Rashid Street while awaiting aid was published, resulting in hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounded.

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