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Egyptian strong aid drop for the humanitarian assistance of the people of Gaza – Details

Since the outbreak of the war last October, Egypt has undertaken intensive diplomatic moves to create global public opinion supportive of a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, where Cairo has deployed its soft power to expose the lies of the occupation state and their false claims, which they used to justify their crimes against the civilian population of the Strip. Egypt has succeeded in significantly altering the positions of some Western countries towards the war, notably the United States and Britain.

Aid Drop

Egypt participated in a food and medical aid drop operation in the Gaza Strip. It also established an Egyptian field hospital inside the Strip, including equipped operating rooms, and the General Command of the Armed Forces ordered the preparation of military transport planes loaded with tons of urgent food and humanitarian supplies to alleviate the suffering of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. Aid drops were carried out in various areas in the north of the Strip.

Major Efforts

According to Egyptian writer and journalist Mustafa Bakri, a member of the Egyptian Parliament: What Egypt has done by dropping food and medical aid in the Gaza Strip, with the participation of the Egyptian Air Force, in collaboration with Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, is a new stage in the war on the Gaza Strip. This demonstrates Egypt’s continuous and intensive efforts to bring relief to help our brothers in Palestine.

He added that Egyptian efforts did not stop at negotiation, but Egypt opened its doors to the passage of humanitarian and emergency aid for the people of Gaza, victims of Israeli criminal bombings, providing about 80% of the aid intended for our brothers in Gaza. However, the Zionist entity has continued to violate international law and international humanitarian law.

Bakri emphasized that Egypt continues to engage with all parties, and the first successful ceasefire is Egyptian, and works to reach a close ceasefire to end hostilities, adding: Egypt takes into account the demands of all parties and also rejects the displacement and liquidation of the Palestinian issue, and Egyptians understand this issue.

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