Tunisia: Defections hit Ennahdha Movement, former MP announces resignation

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennahdha Movement in Tunisia is currently witnessing a state of disintegration and splintering, following the revelation of the movement’s involvement in many terrorist acts and corruption. In addition, the major issue is the Tunisian youth’s deportation to the squares of terrorism in past years under the auspices of the movement’s senior leaders and their exploitation of the highest positions in Tunisia to facilitate this.

The “Jmel” resignation

In a post published on his personal Facebook account, Ennahdha leader and former MP Néji Jmal announced his resignation from Ennahdha. Jmal did not reveal the reasons for his resignation but pointed out that he gave the reasons in a detailed statement to the party’s institutions. Tunisian reports said that this resignation confirms the major state of disintegration and disintegration experienced by the Brotherhood represented in Ennahdha Movement in Tunisia, which proves that the coming period will witness more of these resignations and internal disintegration, in addition to there are political calls to dissolve this movement due to the violence and destruction it is involved in the country.

Final collapse

Dr. Oussama Aouidet, a Tunisian political analyst and leader of the Tunisian People’s Movement, said that the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennahdha Movement is witnessing a major state of disintegration, and they are trying to appear in a coherent way, to convince the Tunisian people that the Ennahdha Movement exists in the political arena as it is, but the internal dissension and boiling is greatly exacerbated.

The Tunisian political analyst added that the Muslim Brotherhood movement is living the worst day in its political history at that time, due to internal dissent and the emergence of evidence implicating its leadership in many terrorist operations. He pointed out that Ennahdha is on the way to a definitive political collapse in the coming period, especially in light of major political calls to dissolve this movement because of its involvement in the most dangerous file, which is the deportation of Tunisian youth to the squares of terrorism in the region.

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