Tunisia: Hichem Mechichi dismiss the interior minister

On Tuesday, Tunisian Prime Minister, Hichem Mechichi, dismissed his Interior Minister, who is close to President Kais Saied in a step affirming tensions between the two country’s most powerful leaders.

Indeed, Saied and Mechichi are in conflict on their respective powers and political alliances, and with the dismissal of Interior Minister, Taoufik Charfeddine, the tensions could increase and turn to a crisis threatening a failure of the technocratic government.

Mechichi would manage the interior ministry, in interim time, until the nomination of Charfeddine’s successor. However, no reasons were given for his removal, according to a cabinet statement.

It’s expected that Mechichi would made change in the next weeks in his cabinet in the presence of demands from pro-government parties in parliament to include party personalities in the government. Whereas, opposition parties and the presidency want that technocratic cabinet to be continued.

Moreover, parliament accepted a technocratic government in a confidence vote four months ago, with the hope to end months of political instability and concentration on dealing the economic and social problems.

Despite Saied proposed Mechichi as premier in the new government, Tunisian politicians related that he then withdrew his support, which indicate the presence of tensions between the presidency and government.

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