Tunisia rejects doubts about its ability to deal with migration issue

Tunisia’s Minister of Interior briefed UN officials on the efforts of security units in addressing irregular migration and protecting migrants. despite the challenges.

Tunisia’s Interior Minister, Kamal El-Faqi. warned on Wednesday against the “misrepresentations” being circulated regarding Tunisia‘s handling of the issue of “irregular migration,” according to a statement issued by the Tunisian Ministry of Interior. These warnings come amid social media discussions .and international media coverage of what has been described as mistreatment of some sub-Saharan Africans, including the use of helicopters to disperse them during one of their protests in the south of the country. along with statements by UN officials regarding the situation of irregular migrants in Tunisia.

During a meeting with Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Director of the Regional Office for the Arab States at the United Nations Development Programme. Abdullah Al Dardari, and the UN Resident Representative in Tunisia. Celine Moyroud. and their accompanying delegation. the Tunisian Minister stated. “There are misrepresentations being circulated about Tunisia’s handling of the issue of irregular migration (without specifying the source of these misrepresentations).”

In this context, El-Faqi briefed the UN officials on the efforts of security units in addressing this phenomenon, protecting migrants, and providing care for them despite the challenges faced by Tunisia.

The United Nations organization was called upon to “support Tunisia‘s efforts in implementing the voluntary return program for irregular migrants to their home countries.”

Former deputy Majdi Al-Karbali expressed doubts today, during an interview on “Radio IFM,” about the effectiveness of the memorandum of understanding signed with the European side regarding irregular migration, stating that it did not achieve its objectives and that about 40,000 people arrived in Italy through Tunisia a month and a half after signing the memorandum.

On August 5th of last year, the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its “categorical rejection of the misrepresentations and rumors that have taken the form of tendentious campaigns driven by undisclosed parties seeking to fuel the situation. and cover up the efforts made by the Tunisian state to secure the protection and care of migrants.”

The Ministry stated at the time that “Tunisia is committed to continuing to take all measures to protect its land and maritime borders and prevent any attempts to cross them illegally.”

Tunisia denies subjecting itself to any compromises in exchange for European financial support

This Tunisian stance came in the wake of statements made by Farhan Haq. Deputy Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General. during a press conference in New York. where he expressed “great concern about the expulsion of migrants, refugees. and asylum-seekers from Tunisia to the borders with Libya and Algeria.”

Recently, activists on social media circulated video clips showing difficult humanitarian conditions faced by irregular migrants from sub-Saharan Africa on the Tunisian-Libyan border.

Social media platforms also shared videos showing the Tunisian National Guard dispersing protesters among sub-Saharan Africans using helicopters for aerial maneuvers described as a threat to the lives of migrants. The spokesperson for the National Guard. Houssem Eddine Jebabli. denied these allegations in a statement to “Radio IFM,” stating that using helicopters to disperse protesters is legal .and that sub-Saharan Africans attacked a security patrol and set a vehicle on fire during their protest. leading security forces to intervene in accordance with the law.

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