Tunisian Brotherhood: Conspiracies to “Reposition” Before Presidential Elections

Rached Ghannouchi, the octogenarian, still tries by all means to spread chaos in Tunisia, relying on the Muslim Brotherhood to which he belongs, which still tries to infiltrate the state’s joints.

Tunisian President Kais Saied said during a recent National Security Council meeting, referring to Ghannouchi, “There are those who conspire against the state’s security even from behind bars, and money continues to flow to them (the Brotherhood) from abroad.”

In previous audio leaks from former Ennahdha Movement leader Mondher Elwanisi, he stated that “the people behind Rached Ghannouchi while he is in prison currently rule the internal leadership of the movement, namely his son Moaz and his son-in-law Rafiq Abdel Salam, through money flowing from abroad.”

With the upcoming presidential elections approaching, observers believe that the Brotherhood seeks to stir up tensions in the country and dismantle the state from within to return to the political scene.

Tunisian political analyst Omar El Yafrani said, “Despite Rached Ghannouchi being imprisoned for terrorist crimes, he still tries to spread chaos in the country, relying on his faction within the Ennahdha Movement.”

El Yafrani said that “all attempts to whitewash this sheikh are maneuvers that will not succeed, as the Tunisian people are aware of all their destructive schemes.”

He explained that this movement aims to reposition itself in the political scene before the elections, noting that the Brotherhood is trying through its political arms, such as the Brotherhood Salvation Front, to inflame the internal situation and mobilize demonstrations before the elections.

He affirmed that the Tunisian people have rejected the Brotherhood, considering them a suspect terrorist group for the crimes they committed during the last decade.

On the other hand, El Yafrani said that the Brotherhood seeks to thwart the presidential election process for their benefit, adding that this movement is divided between nominating Ahmed Najib Chebbi, head of the Brotherhood Salvation Front, or prominent Brotherhood member Abdel Latif Mekki for the presidency.

“No to Threats”

Tunisian President Kais Saied works in his policy to ensure the country’s security by cracking down on suspect groups supported by the Brotherhood to thwart the reform process of July 25, 2021 (the date of the Brotherhood‘s downfall).

For his part, Brigadier General Mohamed El Sebri, commander of the 14th Mechanized Infantry Regiment, said on Thursday during a speech in Kef Governorate (northwest) that the security situation is under control.

He explained that the security situation on the western borders is generally stable, but it is still necessary to remain vigilant, confirming that coordination with the various involved parties continues to contain potential threats.

Regarding the joint efforts between the concerned parties, the military official stated that coordination with the Ministry of Interior includes information exchange, joint work, and training to execute real missions, along with adopting a coordination mechanism based on information exchange with the Algerian authorities.

The 14th Mechanized Infantry Regiment works to secure the land borders and combat terrorism in its sector, covering from Jendouba in the north to Kasserine in the south, Siliana in the east, and the Algerian border in the west.

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