Tunisia’s Muslim Brotherhood continues spreading rumors to disrupt the electoral process… What’s new? 

As the scheduled date for Tunisia’s presidential elections in October approaches, the Muslim Brotherhood group intensifies the circulation of rumors about a crisis of bread and other essential goods shortages, claiming that the country is on the brink of bankruptcy. They also allege that authorities are seeking to postpone the presidential elections.

Yesterday, Sunday, pages affiliated with the Brotherhood circulated news that the Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) had been barred from traveling through Tunis-Carthage Airport. However, Sami Tahri, the official spokesperson of the UGTT, denied this, describing what was circulated on social media as rumors.

He clarified that the UGTT Secretary-General had not planned to go to the airport at all and that there was no scheduled flight on Sunday, stating that the union was preparing for the visit of the Secretary-General of the International Labour Organization next Thursday.

Observers of the Tunisian political scene believe that the Brotherhood, after their fall, now only have social media platforms managed from abroad to promote false news and undermine the reform process in the country.

Mohammed al-Maidani, a Tunisian political analyst, stated that the Brotherhood in Tunisia seeks to sow confusion by spreading false news to fuel unrest.

He confirmed that the Brotherhood uses social networks and websites to spread fake news with the aim of exploiting social tensions, noting that the Brotherhood is currently spreading several rumors, including the postponement of the presidential elections, claiming that President Saied seeks to control the country and continue ruling without elections. He added that the Brotherhood’s fabrications have not ceased since their overthrow on July 25, 2021, and that their current group abroad continues in this manner to incite discord, disrupt the country’s stability, and hinder the reform efforts initiated by Tunisian President Kais Saied.

Tunisia is preparing to hold the presidential elections on time, between September/October, as announced by Farouk Bouasker, president of the Independent High Authority for Elections, a week ago.

The anticipated presidential elections will be the 12th in Tunisia and the third since 2011, allowing for the inauguration of the eighth president for a five-year term, according to the constitution.

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