Two defeats in a week…Erdogan loses in the eastern and southern Mediterranean

Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” suffered two defeats in one week
and renunciations followed by a false escalation that ended in inclining to the storm.
In the Eastern Mediterranean,
Erdogan was forced to withdraw the prospecting ship “Oruk Reis”
fearing European threats and giving up to the international pressure
And in the south of the same sea
The balances of the scene forced Erdogan to sacrifice his most important ally,
the head of government Al-Wefaq, “Fayez Al-Sarraj”, who offered him the richness of the Libyan West
in a terrible defeat that precedes a worst scenario.
If a new presidential council is formed,
it is likely that the council will doesn’t contain personalities with the same loyalty to Turkey
but perhaps a group dominated by names which reject Turkish occupation could appear,
which will fail Erdogan’s plan to exploit all the richness of Libya
and obtain a large part of the reconstruction.
Will Erdogan lose what he wants to achieve in Libya and the Mediterranean?

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