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UAE: Gargash said that Qatar’s media undermine Gulf crisis development

On Tuesday, the United Arab Emirates’ Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash stated that Qatar’s media platforms undermine efforts to stop the Gulf crisis.

Gargash said in a tweet: The political and social atmospheres in the Gulf are looking forward to ending the Qatar crisis and for the best way to guarantee Doha’s commitment to any agreement that carries well for the region, but Qatari media seems adamant on undermining any agreement. He also added: A strange and difficult phenomenon to explain, but he not determine which media outlets he was referring to.

Nevertheless, his remarks came a day after Qatar’s state-owned and funded Al Jazeera related that some of its journalists’ phones had been hacked, alleging that the attack was likely linked to the governments of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In June 2017, the UAE, along with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt, had cut diplomatic, trade and transport relations with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism, which is a charge that Doha refutes.

The four countries also accused Qatar of supporting terrorist groups by giving their ideology a platform on its state media, principally its television channel Al Jazeera.

Otherwise, Doha had been determine 13 demands, including closing Al Jazeera television, closing a Turkish base, stopping relations to the Muslim Brotherhood and reduction relations with Iran.

On his part, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan previously related a resolution of the Gulf diplomatic crisis is very soon, with all governments involved on board and a final deal expected soon.

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