UAE plays role in Russia-Ukraine peace: analysts

For more than 50 years, Russia has been keen to strengthen its cooperation with the UAE, developing it to wider levels and broader horizons, promoting and supporting its work, and coordinating the efforts of the business communities in Abu Dhabi and Russia, in order to build on the achievements made in the economic and trade relations between the two sides in recent years.

Strong relationships

President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan discussed bilateral relations and regional and international issues with Russian President Vladimir Putin today during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg as part of his working visit to the Russian Federation.

Strategic partnership

The UAE-Russian relations were extended several years ago and covered many cooperative aspects between the two countries. The visits also aimed to strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries and bring them closer to regional and global issues.

A report by the “Roaya” network revealed that the UAE and Russia have distinguished economic and investment relations, and the strength and durability of economic relations between the two countries go back to long decades, as the official visits of His Highness the President of the State represent a strong diplomatic presence with allied countries, and the UAE relations play a regional role through research Ways of cooperation and integration in the political, economic, technological, food and health fields.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed’s visit to Russia represents the UAE’s continued approach to clarity, building bridges, maximizing commonalities in its relations with Russia, and supporting efforts to find peaceful solutions to crises.

The timing is important

Dr. Jassim Khalafan, Emirati political analyst, says: The timing of the UAE President’s visit to Russia is crucial as it coincides with the peak of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. The role and efforts exerted by the UAE can contribute to resolving the crisis in one way or another and bridging the perspectives between the different parties.

He added that the Emirati action can be part of Arab and international efforts seeking to stop this tragedy that strongly affects energy and food security worldwide. He pointed out that the UAE is a peacemaker, and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed is known for his highly important initiatives and mediations in various regional and international crises. Therefore, the UAE will have a lot to offer in this crisis.

He continued by saying that the UAE attaches special importance to developing its bilateral relations with Russia, and Russian President Putin holds great respect and appreciation for the UAE’s efforts in resolving the current crisis and for the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Economic Relations

Dr. Nael Al Jawabrah, Emirati economic analyst, said: The visit of the UAE President to Russia comes at a time when the relations between the two countries are witnessing continuous growth, especially in the economic and trade fields. It is also a great opportunity to enhance the strategic partnership between the two countries and open broader prospects for their future development in various sectors, given the significant progress witnessed in recent years.

The economic analyst added: The trade relations between the two countries are growing in various sectors, especially in the knowledge economy, sustainable economy, the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, innovation, circular economy, and other new and promising sectors. The UAE is the top destination for Russian investments in the Arab world, accounting for 90% of Russia’s total investments in Arab countries. On the other hand, the UAE is the largest Arab investor in Russia, contributing more than 80% of the total Arab investments in the country.”

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