Ulema council declares the organization of brotherhood as deviant terrorist group

In a strong statement,
the Saudi Ulama Council considered
the organization of the brotherhood as a deviant terrorist group
that not represent the approach of Islam
but follows its partisan goals
that are opposing to the guidelines of our true religion
It hides behind religion and practice that is contradictory to the religion
including discrimination, inciting ruin, violence and terrorism
The commission related that the organization of the brotherhood
is a group based on the conflict of leaders, disobeying them,
creating conflicts in countries,
destabilizing also the coexistence in a one nation,
and describing Islamic societies as ignorant societies.
and since the creation of this group, it didn’t show its interest in Islamic belief
or knowledge in the Quran or Sunnah
but its aim is to achieve power
The statement was widely welcomed on social media
while Saudi writers and media professionals
called every free Muslim to denounce and warn
against everyone who follows the approach of the terrorist brotherhood

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