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Under the guise of aiding Palestinians, Yemen’s Brotherhood officially gathers Al-Aqsa dues through the Maeen government

Despite criticisms from legitimate media about the Houthis exploiting the suffering of Gaza’s residents to collect levies and impose taxes on citizens and traders, the Maeen government has emerged with directives believed to be motivated by the Brotherhood to officially collect dues from Yemenis and businessmen under the pretext of aiding the Palestinian people, the same slogan as the Houthi group.

Private sources informed the Yemeni site “Al-Montasaf” that the Brotherhood’s campaigns to raise funds in mosques, schools, and neighborhoods have met with no response as they are seen no different from the Houthis in plundering citizens and trading on the Palestinian issue, prompting them to turn to the Maeen government and launch an official campaign to impose taxes. The sources affirmed that the government’s launch of an official and popular campaign to aid the Palestinian people would be followed by the diversion of employees’ salaries by imposing contributions, which would not go to Palestine but would go to Riyadh’s hotel residents, the Brotherhood militias, and the corrupt.

The sources explained that Yemenis support aiding their Palestinian brothers who are facing a genocide war by Israeli occupation forces but oppose the exploitation of their cause and its transformation into taxes for looting public and private funds. According to the local site, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Guidance urged scholars, preachers, guides, and mosque sermonizers in all provinces of the liberated Republic to participate in the government’s campaign, driving away women dressed in Zainabite attire sent to collect taxes in the Al-Haima district interior, under the occupied capital, Sanaa.

Local sources mentioned that women from the Rassaa area in the isolation of Bani Al-Siyagh in the Al-Haima district interior refused to donate to what they called “Houthi rocket and naval force” after discovering the Houthi exploitation of the Palestinian issue.

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