US embassy: Haftar engaged to ending oil blockade

The US embassy in the country declared in a statement on Saturday that the Libyan commander, Khalifa Haftar, has engaged to finish a blockade of oil buildings persisted for long months; however oil ports and fields still closed.

The same statement reported that the eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA) had sent the personal commitment of General Haftar to allow the full reopening of the energy sector no later than September 12.

This announcement comes after that the United States directed many efforts to finish the oil shutdown in the presence of a large diplomatic aim to promote a ceasefire and a political deal between rival factions located in the east and west of the country.

Otherwise, the LNA of Haftar and its supports imposed the blockade in January, which reduce the production of the oil of Libya from more than one million barrels per day (bpd) to less than 100,000 bpd, and increased Libya’s economic collapse.

Moreover, despite the authorities in eastern Libya have permitted the exportation of some stored oil products in order to reduce a power generation crisis in eastern Libya, but they have ended the blockade.

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