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Violations and Crimes: Houthis Continue Their Criminal Acts against the Yemeni People

The continuous violations by the terrorist Houthi militia against the Yemeni people have been documented in the recent period

As Eid al-Fitr approaches, a joint report by the human rights department and civil society organizations of the Yemeni presidency has revealed that Houthi militias have committed more than 24,000 violations and breaches of the ceasefire in 18 governorates.

Difficult Violations

The report revealed that there were 24,697 violations committed by Houthi militias, including 6,557 human rights violations and 18,171 breaches of the humanitarian ceasefire in 18 governorates. It also documented 6,557 human rights violations, with 1,245 civilians killed, including 250 children, 68 women, and 37 elderly individuals, and 890 men, along with 2,141 others injured, as a result of direct targeting and indiscriminate shelling using heavy weapons and drones.

The report also recorded 776 cases of civilian abduction, including 26 elderly individuals, 61 children, and 6 women, as well as registering 126 cases of enforced disappearance of civilians, including 14 children, 5 women, and 4 elderly individuals, pointing to 170 cases of physical and mental torture.

Additionally, the report confirmed the deaths of 28 detainees as a result of torture and 22 others due to medical neglect in prisons and detention centers controlled by the Houthis.

Humanitarian Ceasefire Violations

The report highlighted 18,171 violations of the humanitarian ceasefire declared by the office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Yemen, which commenced on April 2, 2021. It noted that Hudaydah governorate recorded 6,503 violations, followed by Taiz with 3,458 violations, Hajjah with 2,567 violations, Marib with 2,218 violations, Dhale with 1,661 violations, Jawf with 1,642 violations, and Saada with 122 violations.

The team also reported 472 civilians killed and 580 others injured by Houthi mines and war remnants, including 139 children, 32 women, and 20 elderly individuals, spread across 16 governorates.

The report called on the international community, the UN, and human rights organizations to take practical steps to limit violations against civilians by the Houthi militias and release those abducted.

Urgent Action

Yemeni political analyst Mahmoud Al-Taher explained that the military operations carried out by the Houthi group since their coup on September 21, 2014, have caused a severe internal displacement crisis affecting millions of Yemenis who now live in extremely difficult and complex humanitarian conditions.

He added that international organizations and the UN must act swiftly to rescue and assist displaced families in camps, providing them with the necessary supplies and essentials to alleviate their living conditions amidst the severe humanitarian crisis facing Yemen, one of the largest humanitarian crises globally.

International civil society organizations were called upon to exert pressure on the Houthi group to cease their practices aimed at displacing millions of Yemenis from their homes and forcing them to flee to other regions.

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