What is Erdogan’s aim to pay a part of Somalia’s debts? What is the relationship of Qatar?

The competition between Qatar and Turkey in Somalia

On a presidential decision by Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkey decided to pay part of Somalia’s debts to the International Monetary Fund
despite the big economic crisis facing the country
and the continuous reduction of the Turkish lira versus the dollar
This let us to ask many questions, and the most important are:
What is Erdogan’s aim from this step? And why Somalia?
It’s clear that Ankara had objectives in Somalia
while the most important is what the Turkish President himself related;
the prospection for gas on the Somali coast
as well as to create an influence area on the coastal part
from the Arabian Sea through Bab El-Mandeb
to Al-Hodeidah in Yemen
for that Turkey can take complete control on both sides of the geographic area
represented by the Horn of Africa and the South Arabian coast
Thus it would come to Bab El-Mandeb and the southern Red Sea
Reports indicate that the payment of a part of Somalia’s debts
is in exchange for Erdogan’s demand from the Somali President
to control the port of the city of “Hobyo” in the region of Mudug in the center of the country
and that opposes the interests of Qatar
that had promised to finance his construction in exchange for his management
Will Erdogan take the port from his ally Tamim?

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