WhatsApp Launches ‘Call Links’ so you can stop creating group chats you’ll only use once

The instant messaging application belonging to the Meta group continues to expand its range of features, this time focusing on group calls on its iPhone version.

To press is to call

It was Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself who announced yesterday via a Facebook post that WhatsApp now welcomes a new possibility. iOS smartphone users who want to initiate an audio call can share a link to people who are invited to join. These, with a simple touch of the finger on the link, will immediately join the call.

A feature that is very similar to the one deployed for FaceTime with iOS 15 in September 2021, which would explain its arrival first on iOS and not on Android. In his Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg also announces the upcoming arrival of an interesting feature, still directed towards calls.

WhatsApp, soon essential in meetings?

“We’re rolling out call links on WhatsApp starting this week so you can share a link to start a call with just a tap. We are also testing encrypted video calls for up to 32 people. »

If it sees the light of day, this addition will therefore allow the application to also pose as standard support in the professional environment, where this type of video call is most frequent. As the health crisis has led to a global change in the way of working, it is only logical that messaging applications, which bring together millions of users, also want to get up to speed and offer more advanced services. group calls.

In a year, WhatsApp has already made many small improvements to its messaging: emoji-based reactions to messages, increasing the maximum group size, the possibility for administrators to delete messages or for users to leave groups of more discreet way.

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