When Can You Give Your Baby Yogurt?

Starting solid foods is a milestone in a baby’s life, but it can also cause some anxiety about which foods are safe to try and when.

According to child health experts, you can introduce yogurt to your baby when they first begin eating solid foods.

The experts, in a report published on, emphasize the importance of offering the right type of yogurt to infants, especially with the wide variety available in grocery stores.

What is the right age to introduce yogurt?

Babies can safely consume yogurt when they are ready for solid foods, which is around 6 months old. It is safe to start solid foods when your baby can hold their head up independently and shows interest in food.

Nutritional benefits of yogurt for children

Yogurt has numerous health benefits for infants, providing nutrients like protein, calcium, phosphorus, and various vitamins.

Pediatric dietitians say: “Yogurt can be a great addition for babies who struggle with other solid foods or need to gain weight.”

They explain: “Whole milk yogurt is the best choice for infants. Children under the age of two need more fats for brain and nervous system development.”

They add: “Yogurt may also contain probiotics that can help support your baby’s gut development.”

Best types of yogurt for children

Infants should consume plain yogurt made from whole milk that does not contain added sugars, according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

It is particularly important not to give yogurt with honey to babies under one year old, as honey is not only an added sugar but can also cause botulism in infants.

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