Who is Sonia Dahmani, arrested by the Tunisian police for remarks on migrants?

Tunisian authorities have arrested opposition lawyer Sonia Dahmani, following a judicial order in the country, after television statements criticizing President Kais Saied.

Police also arrested journalists Brahim Bsiss and Mourad Zoghlami, who host programs on the “IFM” radio station, with the reasons for their arrest not immediately known.

Dahmani’s arrest came after she recently stated on a TV program: “Tunisia is not a pleasant place to live,” in response to a speech by the president mentioning that the influx of thousands of migrants from Sahel countries to Tunisia raises suspicions about its objectives and backers. In response to these statements, an investigating judge summoned Dahmani on suspicion of spreading rumors and undermining public security, but she requested a postponement of the judicial interrogation, which was denied by the judge who issued a warrant for her arrest.

Who is Sonia Dahmani?

Sonia Dahmani, born in Tunisia and holding a bachelor’s degree in law, has extensive experience in the political field. She is married to human rights activist Ahmed Ghazi, and they have two children. She has received numerous awards and honors, notably the Fridheim Award for Human Rights Defenders in 2012.

Sonia Dahmani is a prominent Tunisian lawyer and activist, known for her advocacy of human rights and freedoms in Tunisia. Her personality is characterized by strength and frankness in expressing her opinions, sometimes making her a controversial figure.

She played a significant role in the Tunisian revolution of 2011, being one of the leading defenders of freedom of expression and assembly, and has had a clear impact in defending issues of justice and fundamental freedoms in Tunisia, making her an important figure in the struggle for civil rights.

With a strong personality, Sonia Dahmani is known for her outspokenness and boldness in expressing her views on social and political issues, making her a prominent voice in Tunisian society, always seeking to shed light on important issues affecting people’s lives, making her an important and intriguing personality in the country.

Recently, before her arrest, Sonia Dahmani had announced that she was staging a sit-in inside the headquarters of the House of Lawyers in Bab Bhar.

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