The Muslim Brotherhood Changes Its Tune… What Are Their Objectives?

Writer Abdeljalil Saïd has uncovered the ways in which the Muslim Brotherhood adjusts its discourse and media and political presence according to the phase.

Saïd stated that the Brotherhood continues to innovate new methods to produce extremist ideas and market them in the West, after being cornered and countered in many countries.

In the article, Saïd asserts that most of the Brotherhood‘s institutions in Europe are now operating under new names, intensifying their propaganda aimed at whitewashing Iran’s actions and its militias. They promote a misleading narrative that disregards the suffering of the Palestinian people, focusing instead on chaos and violence as tools for the Brotherhood to perpetuate the spread of extremism and radicalism.

He adds that the Brotherhood also seeks to ride on any wave of Western popular movement calling for an end to the mad war in Gaza, attacking Arab countries, especially those in the Gulf, in a desperate attempt to discredit Arab efforts towards sustainable peace and genuine political solutions.

Saïd emphasizes that the Brotherhood goes as far as to threaten any Arab media or political voice in the West that rejects adventures and militias, planting the seeds of slander in honey of information for European security agencies monitoring the situation, in order to divert the compass and depict events in different ways, by suppressing voices aimed at awareness.

He notes that the Brotherhood exploits various fundraising campaigns in Europe for Gaza civilians, pushing forward relief institutions that outwardly seem affiliated with the Brotherhood, to obtain what is in people’s pockets. They then smoothly channel these funds towards Brotherhood accounts in Western banks under new titles, and the suspicious enrichment of the leadership will be the sought-after goal, to return to the desired stage of the Brotherhood‘s battle against fortified national states.

He stresses that the best solution to confront the emerging challenges of the Brotherhood is to think about the future of the Arab region as a whole in light of any disruptive security event, as they have tried and are trying to do in Jordan, aided by the complex ignorance of masses unaware of the consequences of things.

He concludes his article by saying: the populist media discourse attracts many followers, a characteristic of some societies, where the poor insults the rich, failure insults success, and the unemployed attack the workers. It is very easy for the content creator to become famous among the masses if he specializes in insulting countries, especially Arab Gulf countries. It’s a profession, and if he masters the art of defamation, he will become a millionaire later on.

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