Who is Tanriverdi…who keeps Erdogan’s secrets?

Adnan Tanriverdi, the dismissed Turkish general
is the keeper of secrets of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
and his former military consultant
as well as the most important paid killer in the Islamic world
and commander of a private army which includes thousands of mercenaries,
he committed crimes in Syria and Libya.
According to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph
“Tanriverdi has a great experience in all bad missions, the sabotage and repression of revolts and demonstrations and even killings”
Tanriverdi was dismissed from his post in 1977
after being suspected of his extremist affinities
After his termination, the general disappeared for years,
then he appeared as a writer in the Turkish Islamic newspaper Akit
and in 2012 he established the Sadat Security Company
to reinforce the defense cooperation between the Islamic countries,
but the company played suspect roles in Syria for years
and it trained extremists,
it also has training camps for Syrian mercenaries in the Marmara region
Tanriverdi’s mercenaries not only play suspicious external roles,
but they also provide protection to the Turkish regime
and participate in the repression of its opponents inside.

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