Will the upcoming elections in Egypt bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to the forefront? And who is keeping an eye on them?

Egyptian writer Khalid Montasser shed light on the alliances being formed between political factions and the Muslim Brotherhood as the elections draw near.

Montasser wrote: The slogan “The Brotherhood is a patriotic faction” has begun to echo on the lips of some elites as the elections approach. This deceptive slogan has become the opening of sermons, introductions to YouTube programs, and secret deals in the intricacies of the elections.

He stated: “Unfortunately, there are those who have joined the Brotherhood’s lists in the post-January 25 elections. Some have allied with them, while others stand in ‘Fermont’ supporting them. Some have even begun to rationalize their goodwill, their national role, and their struggle using vague terms, along with their brown-shirt alliance with Hitler against the English, etc.”

In an article published in Al-Watan newspaper titled “Are the Brotherhood a Patriotic Faction?… President el-Sisi Has the Answer,” Montasser affirmed that since assuming power, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has had a clear, distinct, and decisive answer. He is certain that they are not a patriotic faction at all. For the Brotherhood, the nation is merely a hotel room, and the caliphate nation is more important than their country. For them, the nation is a means of sustenance and extortion, not a source of pride and honor.

Montasser stated: This clarity of vision is what makes me call on President el-Sisi to run for reelection. I am confident that this conviction, based on experience and expertise, will not waver despite all the conspiracies being woven against the nation by this fascist gang that holds nothing for Egypt but hatred, resentment, and darkness. They are the people of evil, as President el-Sisi aptly called them.

He continued: “The president has faced tremendous conspiracies from this group in the past, yet his stance remains unwavering. Why? Because he firmly believes that the rule of the Brotherhood and their return to power would change the identity of the nation, its genes, its DNA.”

He added: President el-Sisi’s clear, transparent, and deep understanding of the Brotherhood comes from his exposure to the group’s files during his service in military intelligence. He witnessed all the acts of betrayal by the Brotherhood while he was a member of the Military Council, and he understood from his experience what the group hides behind its resonant slogans.

Nevertheless, President el-Sisi remains at the forefront of those who said no to the Brotherhood’s fascism. Therefore, it is essential for him to continue the journey of intellectual and cultural change among the people, so that historical awareness of the Brotherhood’s danger takes root. The people themselves should become a barrier against this current-day Hyksos. Those who hold onto their identity hold onto embers, and our people will remain committed to their layered geological strata through time: Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic, Arab, African – a single national alloy that will not weaken.

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