Iran Announces Foiling “Largest Sabotage Plot” Against Its Defense Industries 

Iranian television reported on Thursday that the Ministry of Defense has announced the foiling of the “largest sabotage plot” against the country’s missile, aviation, and space defense industries.

A reliable source from the Information Protection Organization of the Iranian Ministry of Defense

A reliable source from the Information Protection Organization of .the Iranian Ministry of Defense revealed that what they described as a professional network had been planning over the past months to cause industrial sabotage in the missile industries under the Ministry of Defense.

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The responsible source. whose name has not been disclosed. stated on Thursday in statements to the “Nour News” agency. affiliated with the Supreme National Security Council in Iran: “The professional network had planned to introduce damaged parts for use in the production of advanced missiles in the missile industries under the Ministry of Defense.”

The source continued: “This network was working under direct guidance from Mossad. and aimed to convert missiles into explosive devices to target industrial lines. and workers in this field by supplying those damaged parts.”

He pointed out that. “Despite the highly complex plan of the enemy. this operation had been under intelligence .and operational surveillance from the beginning. and it was completely neutralized through the arrest of its agents.”

The source also mentioned “identifying all the routes .and activities of the Israeli Mossad for supplying. and transporting the pieces they wanted to introduce. along with foreign elements affiliated with them. and their internal agents.” according to his statement.

As of 1:30 GMT. Israel has not responded to the information provided by the source.

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