With a suspect deal… Qatar deepens its interventions in Libya

Qatar signed military agreement with Al-Sarraj government in Tripoli
so it can have a military presence in Libyan territories
The Tripoli government announced that its representative, Salah Al-Nimroush
had signed a common deal for training and reinforcing military skills with Qatar
The deal was signed at the headquarters of the Qatari Defense Ministry in Doha
with his representative, the Minister of State for Defense Affairs of Qatar, Khaled Al-Attiyah
his agreement comes as a challenge to the Libyan and international determination
agreed in the Geneva Accord on last October 23
that the Libyan Military Committee affirmed the leaving of foreign forces from Libya
and is considered as a continuation of the Doha approach in Libya with the terrorist organizations support
Suspicious deal coincides with organization of Libyan political path in Tunisia
and the Libyan military path in Sirte, Libya,
to reach a peaceful solutions to the crisis in Libya.
What is Qatar seeking with these suspicious interventions in Libya?

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