Woman Discovers Man Hiding in Her Bedroom for 4 Months

An American woman revealed a shocking situation after finding a man hiding in her bedroom who had secretly been living in her house for four months, according to “dnaindia”.

The woman shared a series of videos on TikTok recounting her terrifying experience. A mother of two, she had recently purchased her first home at the age of 26.

She explained that she sometimes spent nights at her parents’ house to help take care of her children. This routine meant that she and her children were away from their home for long periods, sometimes up to 11 or 12 hours a day. However, one morning, upon returning home after staying at her parents’ place, she discovered a man hiding under her bed.

Initially, she had ignored the strange noises she heard, assuming they were caused by rodents. It was only when she looked under her bed that she saw blue jeans and black socks, prompting her to scream in horror and flee the house.

After calling the authorities, the woman saw the man, whom she had hired to mow the lawn, leaving her house. Other evidence of the intruder’s long stay was found, such as used utensils, missing items, and other belongings scattered throughout the house.

The man confessed to having stayed in the house for a long period, using her amenities in her absence, from showering to playing video games and even helping himself to food from her pantry.

A search of the intruder’s belongings revealed items not only belonging to “K” but also clothing from several other women.

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