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Yemen: Why Has the Houthi Militia Targeted Dhaba Port?

Continuing its efforts to destabilize Yemen, the Houthi terrorist militia targeted the Hadramawt oil port of al-Dabba for the second time in a month to prevent the export of oil produced in liberated governorates, as the Houthi militia attacks oil ports in government-controlled areas and is pressing for economic gains in UN-led talks aimed at extending the truce agreement.

Militia terrorism

According to local media sources, two workers in the port said: The Huthis allied to Iran fired a shell from a drone that fell at the entrance of the port located in the town of Shihr. The workers added that the Pratika, a Panamanian-flagged ship, entered the station to load a shipment of crude oil, but left after the attack. The Houthi militias pro-Iran admitted to bombing Al-Dabba port, according to its military spokesman, who indicated in a press statement transmitted by Al-Masirah channel that a ship was forced to leave Al-Dabba port after the airstrike.

Houthi failure

The information leaked by Houthi media after the incident confirmed the failure of the militia’s efforts to prevent the shipment of crude oil from the port. It admitted the arrival of the ship the day before yesterday, and claimed that it arrived with American protection, and that it refused to respond to calls from the “naval navigator” of the Houthi group in Sanaa to leave the port, and that these calls “continued until the strike took place,” after loading the ship with oil. In turn, the army of the internationally recognized government said that the al-Dabba oil export port was bombarded by Houthi militias trying to obstruct the export of oil, where yesterday the air defenses of the Yemeni armed forces’ air force marched the sky over the Hamah Al-Damah Armed Forces Air Defense Ministry said that the oil port was not hit by the Ministry of Hamohamad, “Yemen’s air defenses, but the Ministry of the Yemen’s air Defense Ministry said that the Ministry of the Ministry of the Hamam has not dead”. of new terrorist attacks by the Houthi terrorist militias on the oil port of al-Dabba,” the same source added, adding that “the air defenses were able to intercept and down a number of enemy aircraft, one of which hit the oil export platform at the port, causing material damage to it.”

Serious Implications

The repercussions of the Houthi targeting of Hadramawt’s al-Dabba port are serious, especially if the international community continues to be content with condemnation and denunciations and does not take strong measures to deter the militia, said Wadah bin Attiyah, a member of the Southern National Assembly.

Bin Attiyah said that the actions of the Houthi militia will affect international energy needs, adding that Houthi will continue to threaten the international navigation route, putting the international community in an embarrassing position before the peoples of the world.

Decisive decision

Marzouk Al-Sayyadi, a Yemeni journalist, says: We are counting heavily on the Minister of Defense, General Mohsen Al-Da’iri, to take a decisive decision to resolve the war and liberate what remains of the country from the Houthi grip.

He added that the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia’s continued targeting of vital installations in liberated areas is a blatant challenge to all peace efforts, calling on the leadership of the Presidential Council and the Coalition Command to provide logistical support to the Ministry of Defense to resolve the war and regain the remaining areas under Houthi control.

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