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Yemeni analyst: Houthi militia wages war against religious centers 

The Houthi militias continue their crimes and violations of sectarianism through their terrorist projects by opening hundreds of summer centers to mobilize thousands of children and brainwash them to spread their sectarian project. They have even bargained with religious education centers that are not under their control to impose the teaching of their curricula or close their doors.

According to Yemeni reports, Houthi militias are fighting religious centers as part of a war that seeks to trade the sectarian character of the Wasatiya barter, a war that has been threatening the coexistence of Yemenis for centuries; It became clear after a number of centers and schools of Sharia sciences and Qur’an memorization, the latest of which was the storming of a mosque and a center for Sharia sciences in the central province of Ibb on Wednesday.

Latest Crimes

The Houthi terrorist militias stormed the mosque and the Al-Tawhid Center for Sharia Sciences in the town of Al-Ma’een in the city of Ibb, before confiscating it and turning it into its summer center. They expelled the more than 400 students, brought students from Houthi centers from outside the province, settled them in the courtyard and surrounded the place.

The Tawhid Religious Center is a school for 400 students, some of whom were displaced from the Dammaj Center in Saada Governorate when Houthi militias overran it in early 2014, at the onset of battles that extended to Sanaa and took control of it.

Houthi terrorism

“Over the past years, the Houthi militias have waged a relentless war against religious centers and Qur’an memorization, an extension of a systematic campaign by the Houthi militia to close down memorization schools, turning some of them into centers for spreading their sectarian ideology and mobilizing fighting,” said Dr. Abdul-Karim al-Ansi, a Yemeni political analyst.

The political analyst added that the Houthis worked in all the areas they occupied, occupying mosques, not neutralizing them, respecting sectarian pluralism in Yemen, and pasting and painting their slogans in the walls of mosques inside and outside, and did not remember that these mosques are houses of God that should be purified and glorified, and should not be shelters for terrorism or incitement of hatred.

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