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Yemeni Lawyer: Houthis Use Schools and Educational Sectors to Recruit Children

A Yemeni lawyer confirmed that the Houthis are using schools and educational sectors to recruit children

The collapse of the Yemeni state has been ongoing in areas under the control of the Houthi militia since the coup against legitimacy in September 2014. This collapse has affected various sectors in the country. such as the economy. health, politics, and most recently. education, especially with the rebels’ control .over the educational system. This has exacerbated the situation, particularly with the rebels’ intense pursuit of changing the Yemeni identity.

Houthi Crimes

The crimes committed by the Houthi militia against education in Yemen have gone beyond tampering with Yemeni educational identity and transforming it into an Iranian colony. The crimes extended to the closure of thousands of schools .and educational institutions for various reasons, including security risks. converting them into military barracks, or using them as shelters for displaced people and refugees. Additionally. private and non-public schools .and universities were completely destroyed during the different battles across the country.

Destruction of the Education Sector

Yemeni human rights activist Ahmed Jabari stated that the education sector in areas controlled by the terrorist Houthi militia .has entered a new stage due to the violations committed by the militias in this regard. Among their recent crimes. the Houthi militia forcibly terminated public sector jobs. seized government school yards.and converted them into investment projects, and targeted students’ minds with racist and sectarian ideas.

The expansion of Houthi violations against the education sector and its members has caused a severe crisis. as documented by numerous United Nations reports and international statistics. which speak of extensive destruction in schools and educational facilities. alongside a very high dropout rate.

These destructive Houthi attacks on the education sector have warned of many risks awaiting the new generations. especially as those dropping out of education are driven by poverty. need, or fear to join the ranks of the militias, paving the way for creating indoctrinated generations.

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