Yemen’s ministry: The rockets launched on Aden airport were Houthi ballistic

On Thursday, Al Arabiya quoted what Yemen’s Ministry of Interior said that the rockets which strike Aden airport last month were ballistic, while Iranian and Lebanese experts were responsible for launching systems of the missiles.

The ministry affirmed that the rockets were launched from Houthi-controlled areas, and added that they were launched from a 100-kilometer distance.

In the missile attack that strike Aden’s airport as members of the government landed at the airport, about 25 people were murdered and more than 100 others were wounded.

In fact, some part of the scene presented the Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed and his government members when they landing from the plane after just moments before a explosion occurred at the tarmac.

On his part, Saeed informed the Associated Press previously this month that the techniques used in assault were hallmarks of the Houthis’ strategy. He also said: Rather than distance itself from the Iranian regime, it has embraced the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism even more.

The statement stated that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) provides missiles, drones to the Houthis which allowing the group to target airports and other critical infrastructure. Iran supports the Houthis in Yemen’s civil war against the internationally-recognized government.

On Monday, the United States declared that it would be classifying the Iran-backed Houthi militia as a terrorist organization, and three of its heads as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs).

According to Pompeo, the decision to classify the leaders as SDGTs will provide additional tools to confront [the group’s] terrorist activity and terrorism and hold the Houthis accountable for their terrorist acts,

He also said that the step comes as part of efforts to achieve a peaceful, sovereign, and united Yemen that is both free from Iranian interference and at peace with its neighbors.

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