The causes of headaches after eating and treating

A lot of people sometimes suffer from severe headaches after eating
and that could during for more hours
Indeed, there are any reasons that cause headaches after eating
particularly low blood sugar
which often cause a migraine
and this may be due to the consumption of foods that contain a lot of sugars
and a lot of meals in the day
as well as eating irregular or late foods
Regarding pathological causes
low sugar is because of diabetes
or tumors of the digestive system
or irregular levels of hormones in the body
Besides, the headache could occur after eating for other reasons
noting, for example, eating cold foods and drinks
or sensitivity to certain kinds of food
Therefore, to treat this type of headache, doctors recommend changing bad eating habits
and to consult a doctor if the problem is attached to pathological reasons
You, do you suffer from headaches after eating?

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