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8th meeting.. Lebanon seeks to elect president

Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri has invited members of the Council of Representatives to attend a public session at eleven tomorrow, Thursday, to elect a new president. The session is the eighth session allocated for this purpose since the first session was held on the 29th of last September, as the Parliament has not been able to elect a new president since then because no candidate has obtained the required majority to win the presidency. The Lebanese Constitution stipulates that the presidency seat shall be won by a majority of two-thirds of the members of the Council, with 86 members out of 128 members in the first round. A second round of elections shall be held during the same session if no one wins from the first round, and only 65 votes in the second round.

Parliament Deficit

This has been proven in the meetings held so far, which will withdraw to the 8th session scheduled for next Thursday. This may be the last of the year, which is nearing its end, but it does not mean that the new year will bring with it a change in the deadlocked political scene, due to the lack of communication between the parliamentary blocs, in search of understanding on a consensus president in the absence of international levers that can be bet on to impose a new political reality, contrary to the current reality, which is overshadowed by confusion and confusion that stands in the way of electing the new president. The holiday will not allow the parliamentary blocs to reconsider their positions to delay the election sessions, as if the country is at its best, and despite the fact that the parliamentary blocs are at the center of the tension in the international position of the matter, which is preventing the Lebanese Presidential entitlement from asking for nothing The parliament is determined to communicate as a condition for agreeing to a balanced compromise that would bring in a consensus president.

Predictable scenarios

For his part, Lebanese political analyst Tony Habib does not expect anything new from the House of Representatives session tomorrow, Thursday, adding that Hezbollah is implementing Iranian instructions in Lebanon and is still insisting on “dialog and consensus” on the name of the president before his election, with a clear attack on the nomination of MP Michel Moawad and accusing him of working for the West and the United States. He pointed out that what is happening coincides with the continuous pressure and demands of the Maronite and Sunni spiritual authorities, and this Druze week, waiting for a president according to the constitution. The American delegation’s visit also comes in this context, where they asked the representatives to elect a president, and they confirmed that the American administration will continue to support the military establishment.

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