A Greek Orthodox priest was attacked and wounded on Saturday in France’s city of Lyon

A police source and witnesses reported that a Greek Orthodox priest was attacked and wounded on Saturday at a church in the French city of Lyon by an attacker who then flew.

The source reported that the assailant shot the fire to the priest on twice at around 4 p.m. (1400 GMT) when he was closing the church, and he was being treated on site for life-menacing wounds.

Witnesses declared that the church was Greek Orthodox, while another police source related that the priest was of Greek nationality, and had told emergency services when they arrived to the site that he had not recognized his attacker.

This attack happened after two days that a man shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (God is Greatest) beheaded a woman and killed two other people in a church in Nice. Two weeks before, a schoolteacher in a Paris suburb was decapitated by an 18-year-old aggressor who was actually angry by the teacher exposing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad during a class of expression.

The raison of Saturday attack was not known. Thus government ministers had alerted that there could be other Islamist militant assaults. On his part, President Emmanuel Macron has spread thousands of soldiers to protect sites such as places of worship and schools. Moreover, Prime Minister Jean Castex, who was visiting Rouen, reported that he was returned to Paris to evaluate the situation.

The attack of Nice happened on the day that Muslims celebrate the Prophet Mohammad’s birthday, and several Muslims have been angered over the world about the defense of France of the right to publish cartoons showing the Prophet.

A police source related on Saturday that a third person has been detained for having a connection with that attack and the suspected attacker was shot by police and still in serious condition in hospital.

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