A horrifying crime: 3 Libyan sisters kill their father

A recent incident has deeply shaken Libyan society, where 3 sisters murdered their father in the city of Sabha, claiming that he had been sexually assaulting them.

The Sabha Security Directorate stated in a Facebook post: “In a heinous crime devoid of humanity and violating parental rights…the sisters committed the crime of killing their father after planning and preparing for his murder.”

It further stated: “The crime didn’t stop at the murder itself; they also attempted to conceal their crime by trying to dispose of the body in a sewage room.”

The Sabha Directorate confirmed that security forces discovered the crime, arrested the sisters, and handed them over to the prosecution to take the necessary legal actions against them.

Details of the crime

The directorate published a video containing interviews with the three girls during which they confessed to the details of the crime and how they divided roles among themselves to avoid suspicion.

The first sister stated that she stole a pistol from one of her friends to kill her father, but hesitated. However, her sister took the gun from her and fired two shots at his head while he was sleeping, ending his life.

She added that initially, she moved the body and hid it under a tree, but her other sister, who took charge of cleaning the crime scene of blood, joined her and suggested moving it to be thrown inside sewage drains to hide the body.

The third sister stated that she was aware of all the details of the murder before it occurred but did not participate. She affirmed that she did not intervene to dissuade them from their actions but instead covered up for them to protect her sisters.

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