A media campaign funded to accuse the Interpol president Ahmed al-Raisi of “torture”

Sources: Arab state paid $4 million to block UAE candidate for Interpol presidency

The General Assembly of the International Criminal Police Organization announced the victory of Major General Dr. Ahmed Naser al-Raisi, the candidate of the United Arab Emirates, over the presidency of INTERPOL for a period of four years, thus becoming the first Arab to assume this position, Interpol, since the establishment of the international organization.

It wrote on her Twitter page: Election of Mr. Ahmed Naser al-Raisi, candidate of the United Arab Emirates, to the office of President for a term of four years.

Al-Raisi heads the Interpol Executive Committee, which is responsible for representing the international organization and implementing the resolutions of its General Assembly. The committee consists of a president, three vice-presidents and nine delegates representing different regions of the world, according to the Interpol website.

Major General al-Raisi had a strong experience in the International Organization. He has been an active member of the Executive Committee of the Organization, representing the Asian continent for the past three years. This experience has enabled him to work closely with the President of INTERPOL and the Secretary-General of the Organization to support and update its organizational structure, procedures and working methods. He has also worked to support the preparation of a strategy for the future of the Organization, with the aim of strengthening the Organization’s response capacities and adopting new directions to counter criminal activities.

Al-Raisi has a rich professional and academic record and extensive experience in the field of police work. He joined the Abu Dhabi police force since 1980 and graduated to become a prominent law enforcement officer in the United Arab Emirates. He also won several local and international awards, including the Mohammed ben Rachid Award, the Abu Dhabi Government Excellence Award, and several other awards.

He received the prestigious Gold Stevie Award, in 2014, and the Outstanding Achievement of Identity Award, the People’s Identity Awards, 2007, in Milan, for his active contribution to the Eye and Face Print System project.

In the face of such a proud career record, al-Raisi has been the target of a systematic campaign to tarnish his image and that of his country, the United Arab Emirates, nearly two months since he was declared the winner of the Interpol presidency.

Private sources said that a media campaign targeting Ahmed Naser al-Raisi, over a period of two months, was funded by an Arab country with $4 million. It was a news report published by journalists claiming that the General carried out torture and arrests against human rights activists in the Emirates, which the state categorically denied.

The sources added that these unsubstantiated allegations, which aimed at discrediting the Major General, were managed by fictitious human rights organizations that were recently established on social media, pointing out that after verifying these organizations, they turned out to be merely digital platforms run by persons belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The same source indicated that these persons have relations with figures working in political human rights organizations, targeting the UAE and its reputation for political purposes and to increase pressure on it, as an example; “Human Rights Watch has issued more than 30 reports on the UAE, and a few on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, Somalia, and other countries whose humanitarian situation may represent a real threat to humanity”.

For more than 30 years, al-Raisi has served as a senior law enforcement officer in the UAE, enabling him to be trusted with the most important international position in his sector, despite the efforts of his commanders.

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