A Pivotal Phase… Latest Developments of Safer Tanker 

The operation to withdraw the Safer oil tanker has concluded

In a success attributed to the efforts of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the United Nations announced the completion of the process of removing the leaking Safer oil tanker off the Yemeni port of Hodeidah in the Red Sea. This marks the end of the environmental disaster that threatened the future of navigation in the Red Sea.

The people of Yemen have been saved from the repercussions of the environmental disaster that posed a threat to millions of Yemeni citizens.

Success Preceding Disaster

The United Nations announced that the team responsible for transferring 1.1 million barrels of oil from the deteriorating Safer tanker, off the coast of Yemen, to an alternative vessel has left the site today, Tuesday. Completing this operation represents a pivotal phase in the United Nations-led effort to counter the massive oil spill threat from the deteriorating tanker stranded in the Red Sea.

The project partners of the Safer endeavor have succeeded in preventing the worst-case scenarios involving an oil spill, which would have led to catastrophic environmental, human, and economic consequences. The completion of the project required $22 million.

Completion of the project required $22 million

The United Nations spokesperson, Stephane Dujarric, affirmed that completing the project to prevent an oil spill from the Safer tanker in the Red Sea required $22 million. Member states, the private sector, and donors from around the world contributed $121 million to fund the efforts to prevent the disaster. The United Nations and its partners are counting on further generous support to complete this vital mission.

Dujarric stated that the project partners of the Safer initiative have succeeded in averting the worst-case scenarios involving an oil spill, which would have had catastrophic environmental, human, and economic consequences. He emphasized that important work remains to be done, including installing specialized buoys to secure the new alternative tanker named Yemen for safe oil storage. Additionally, the Safir tanker will be salvaged and recycled.

According to Kuwaiti political analyst Fahad Al-Shalimi, President of the Gulf Forum for Security and Peace, the success of concluding the Safer tanker crisis and transferring it to another vessel is a success for the world, a continuation of a positive trend, a success for the countries located on the Red Sea, a success for Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and a success for the environment and politics. This situation doesn’t only pose a threat to the environment but also poses a threat to Saudi Arabia and the countries on the Red Sea.

He added: No matter the amount spent on its rescue, it’s relatively small compared to the consequences of an oil spill into the Red Sea environment. The crisis could extend to the Suez Canal, the coral reefs of Hurghada in Egypt, and the shores of Saudi Arabia and African countries on the Red Sea coast. This success paves the way for further successes in political matters.

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