“The Blue Moon”.. Why Could It Increase the Danger of Hurricane “Eldia”? 

Experts have warned that the phenomenon of the giant Blue Moon could exacerbate the danger of flooding caused by Hurricane “Eldia,” which is heading towards the western coast of the US state of Florida.

Hurricane “Eldia” intensified over the Gulf of Mexico on its way to Florida, forcing authorities to evacuate residents in low-lying coastal areas expected to receive heavy rainfall when the hurricane hits on Wednesday morning.

The National Hurricane Center based in Miami stated that Hurricane “Eldia” had maximum sustained winds of 169 kilometers per hour (105 mph) early Tuesday evening and is expected to strengthen before making landfall.

By that time, it is expected that the hurricane’s intensity will increase to Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, which consists of 5 categories.

A Category 3 hurricane is classified as a major hurricane, characterized by maximum sustained winds of at least 179 kilometers per hour (111 mph).

However, the most dangerous feature of Hurricane “Eldia,” it seems, is the massive waves expected to be generated by its strong winds towards the islands and low-lying coastal areas. What is the relationship with the Blue Moon?

The giant Blue Moon is a phenomenon that occurs when the moon comes closer to Earth, making it appear larger in the sky. This phenomenon will be observed on Wednesday.

The moon will be closest to Earth on Wednesday evening, which will increase tidal movement and boost the likelihood of more dangerous flooding, not only in Florida but also in Georgia and South Carolina.

The phenomenon of “king tide” occurs due to the additional gravitational force when the sun or moon comes closer to Earth.

The responsible meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Charleston, South Carolina, Brian Haines, stated, “I would say the timing is very unfortunate for this event.”

The expert warned that some parts of Charleston could be underwater by Wednesday night.

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