A study debunks all that was said about the risks of the “Snooze Button” 

A recent study has revealed that taking a 5 or 10-minute snooze after the alarm clock rings might actually be beneficial for health.

According to the journal “Scientific American,” the study found that people who take a nap after waking up to the alarm sound actually experience improved cognition.

The lead author of the study, Tina Sundelin, says that a short nap in the morning might not be bad, pointing out that the study provides evidence that napping does not disrupt sleep in a harmful way.

She added that napping shortens the sleep duration, and delaying the alarm for an additional half an hour benefits those who postpone the alarm twice or more per week, typically going back to sleep between alarms.

The study showed that napping can help people overcome morning drowsiness by facilitating the transition from deep sleep to a lighter stage, enhancing cognition, and improving memory ability.

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