A study… “Venting anger” harms your health

Many believe that “venting anger” might be effective in reducing its negative effects, but research has debunked this belief, affirming that it doesn’t diminish anger feelings at all.

Brad Bushman, a communication professor at Ohio State University, emphasized the importance of dispelling the myth that venting anger is beneficial, stating that there is no scientific evidence supporting this idea.

He explained: “The idea of venting anger may seem like a good one, but in reality, it leads to opposite results.”

Instead, strategies focusing on reducing physiological arousal (the physical manifestations of the body’s response to stimuli, including emotions, stress, and threats) have proven to be much more beneficial.

Bushman said: “To reduce anger, it is necessary to engage in activities that decrease arousal levels.”

According to a study, there is a distinction between activities that increase arousal, such as running, and those that decrease it, such as relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

According to “earth” website, the results showed that activities that help reduce bodily arousal, such as deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, or even counting to 10, are more effective in reducing anger levels.

This applies to various environments and diverse population groups, including university students, individuals with criminal backgrounds, and those with mental disabilities.

This study not only contributes to our understanding of anger management and venting, but it also provides practical advice for dealing with stress and aggression.

Researchers pointed out that: “Some physical activities may be beneficial, like running, but they certainly aren’t the best way to reduce anger.”

Therefore, focusing on effective relaxation strategies enables individuals to find healthy ways to cope with anger, benefiting both them and their surroundings.

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