A woman’s comment from Gaza on the initiative to treat a thousand children in the UAE?

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the State, “may God protect him,” directed the hosting of a thousand Palestinians suffering from cancer from various age groups in Gaza, to receive treatments and all types of healthcare they need in the state’s hospitals. This embodies the humanitarian approach of the United Arab Emirates, firmly standing by the side of brothers and extending a helping hand to them in various circumstances.

The hospitals provide medical care to these children until they recover and return.

In this context, the mother of children injured in Gaza said, “I pray to God that someone stands by our side, and I thank the United Arab Emirates for standing with us, with our people and our children. I thank them very much for their cooperation with us and their support for our children after what we have seen.”

She added, “We have seen things beyond imagination. I saw my daughter mutilated, and my second daughter burned, and the third with a disfigured face due to burns, unlike this child.”

She continued, “I thank the President of the United Arab Emirates, its people, and everyone who supported us and stood with our people. Their psychological, moral, and material support… I thank them from the bottom of my heart”.

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