After Closing Its Offices and Arresting Its Leaders… Has the Ennahdha Movement in Tunisia Ended?

Tunisia has closed the offices of the Ennahda movement and arrested its leaders. leading to widespread calls for the group’s dissolution. This suggests the possibility of significant defections, as Ennahdha faces accusations of terrorism. abuse of power. and control over the country’s judicial. and economic institutions. as well as allegations of collusion with foreign powers to undermine national security.

Tunisian authorities arrested the leader of the Ennahdha movement, Rached Ghannouchi, on April 17th after raiding his home. Subsequently, Moncef Marzouki was chosen as the acting leader of the movement until the party’s congress next month, creating a new leadership vacuum within the party.

Observers speculate that Tunisian authorities may soon decide to dissolve the Ennahdha movement, following the implication of several of its leaders in terrorist activities and corruption.

The End of the Ennahdha Movement

Dr. Moncef Qaftarsheh, a Tunisian political analyst and the head of the Tunisian Salvation Front, stated that Tunisian authorities banned meetings in all Ennahdha party offices last month. They also shut down the headquarters of the Brotherhood-affiliated Salvation Front following the arrest of Rached Ghannouchi. the historical leader of the Ennahdha movement, on April 17th on charges of conspiring against state security. Furthermore. current leaders of the terrorist organization are currently in detention. All these indicators point to the imminent dissolution of the Ennahdha movement. according to Qaftarsheh.

He added that the Ennahdha movement is very close to its end. After the closure of its headquarters and the imprisonment of its historical leader and prominent leaders. it will become a banned movement. He noted that the page of the Brotherhood in Tunisia has ended since the process of accountability began and these terrorist leaders were imprisoned.

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