The UAE… The Space Agency Supports International Relief Efforts in Morocco 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has always been at the forefront of countries supporting humanitarian causes. This is demonstrated through various humanitarian initiatives that encompass a wide range of social, charitable, and developmental activities within the UAE and around the world.

This time, the UAE Space Agency has contributed to international efforts to assist Morocco in overcoming the devastating effects of an earthquake that struck Moroccan territory, resulting in thousands of casualties and wiping out entire villages.

Driven by the agency’s belief in the importance of international cooperation and humanitarian collaboration in addressing natural disasters, the “Satellite Data Analysis Platform” project team has provided a series of analytical reports. These reports were published on the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters website as part of international efforts to manage the crisis caused by the earthquake in our sisterly country, Morocco.

The reports generated by the “Satellite Data Analysis Platform” project team, along with reports from several national and international space agencies. and entities, have contributed to assessing the extent of damage caused by the earthquake.

Effective relief and rescue plans were developed, and the situation has been continuously monitored. These efforts serve as a vivid example of what can be achieved through the use of space technologies and the role of the International. Charter on Space and Major Disasters as a vital tool for utilizing space technologies for the benefit of humanity in times of disasters.

This partnership between the UAE Space Agency and “BAYANAT,” aimed at developing and operating the Satellite Data Analysis Platform for the Space Data Center, represents one of the transformative projects announced by the government of the UAE. Its objective is to facilitate access to satellite data for the deployment of space technologies in the service of humanity and the development of solutions that support national and global challenges in the form of value-added data applications (VAS).

Salem Buti Salem Al Qubaisi, the Director-General of the UAE Space Agency, stated that “the use of data and space technologies in disaster management is essential to mitigate their impact. The timely and precise coordination based on data and analysis can make the difference between life and death and contribute to saving lives.”

It is worth mentioning that the United Arab Emirates, represented by the UAE Space Agency, officially signed the “International Charter on Space and Major Disasters,” becoming the 17th member globally and the first Arab and Islamic country to obtain this prestigious membership. This supports global efforts to provide a unified system for obtaining and delivering satellite data to countries affected by disasters of varying types.

Additionally, the UAE Space Agency signed a cooperation agreement with “Planet Labs,” a leading provider of Earth observation and data, to build an Atlas of Loss and Damage based on satellite data. This initiative aims to enable countries to address climate change challenges effectively as part of the agency’s efforts to enhance the ability to confront climate change challenges.”

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