Political Analyst: Claims Made by Organizations Against Tunisia Are False

A political analyst has affirmed that the claims made by organizations against Tunisia are false

Tunisian efforts continue to implement a voluntary return program for irregular migrants to their countries of origin and to address the crisis of African migrants south of the Sahara. This was revealed during a meeting between Tunisian Interior Minister Kamal Al-Faqi, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Regional Director for Arab States at the United Nations Development Programme, Abdullah Al-Dardari, and the Resident Representative of the United Nations Programme in Tunisia, Céline Moyroud.

Security Unit Efforts

Reports from Tunisia emphasized the efforts of the Tunisian security units in combating illegal migration, protecting migrants, and providing them with support. The difficulties faced by Tunisia in this regard, whether in terms of receiving thousands of migrants in an unprecedented influx or monitoring the Tunisian coast, which serves as a launching point for multiple journeys in a single day, were also discussed.

Baseless Accusations

Dr. Badra Gaaloul, Director of the National Center for Studies in Tunisia, stated that what some organizations publish regarding violations of rights and freedoms against migrants are nothing but lies and inaccuracies. She pointed out that accusations of racism against Tunisia are exaggerations and distortions, revealing a double standard in the way some of these organizations operate.

The Director of the National Center for Studies in Tunisia further added that most of these organizations operate according to a Western agenda that aligns with the policies of their countries, which hope that Tunisia will become a large camp or prison for irregular migrants from south of the Sahara. However, Europe bears the primary responsibility for the difficult conditions in their countries that drive them to migrate.

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