After Prisoner Exchange, Zelensky Thanks the UAE

A new diplomatic and humanitarian milestone for the UAE after successfully completing a prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine, the fifth of its kind in 2024.

This exchange crowns the UAE’s ongoing efforts for peace, prompting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to extend his thanks to the UAE.

In a tweet on the “X” social media platform, Zelensky said, “Home is not just a word… home means Ukraine. Today, 90 more of our people have returned home from captivity in Russia.” He added, “Fighters of the National Guard, the navy, the armed forces, territorial defense forces, and border guards. Those who defended Mariupol. Those who defended the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Those who were on the fronts of Kherson, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Luhansk.”

He continued, “We remember all our people in captivity in Russia. We continue our work to release everyone. We seek to know the truth about everyone the enemy might hold.”

He thanked “all our partners who help us, including the UAE, for their help in releasing our citizens. Together, we can achieve even the most difficult results.” The UAE mediation on Tuesday succeeded in achieving a prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine, resulting in the exchange of 180 prisoners of war from both sides.

The UAE mediation for the prisoner exchange between Kyiv and Moscow is the second in less than a month and the fifth this year, which crowns continuous political, diplomatic, and humanitarian efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. This successful mediation comes just days after the UAE’s participation in the Swiss Summit on Peace in Ukraine on June 15-16, as part of its diplomacy supporting all international efforts to resolve the crisis and enhance international cooperation in this regard.

It also comes about two weeks after the UAE’s participation in the Ukraine Recovery Conference held on June 11-12 in Berlin, Germany, during which they expressed their commitments to the Ukrainian people and achieving recovery and reconstruction.

Successful UAE mediations between Russia and Ukraine are accompanied by continuous humanitarian and diplomatic efforts, offering a glimmer of hope for resolving a crisis that impacts global security and stability, highlighting the growing importance of the UAE and its international leadership, and the world’s trust and appreciation for its leadership, efforts, and mediations.

These successes also reinforce the UAE’s position as a key player and important partner in the success of peace initiatives at the regional and international levels, grounded in its civilizational message and historical heritage based on cooperation, humanitarian action, and the promotion of tolerance and brotherhood.

These achievements also demonstrate the trust of both conflicting parties in the Emirati mediator, their wisdom, and impartiality, which the leaders of both countries have expressed on multiple occasions by thanking the UAE for its efforts in this crisis.

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