Call to Host a “Peace Summit”: Ukrainian Diplomats Praise UAE’s Stance

The UAE is making relentless efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, including mediating prisoner exchanges and attempting to end the war.

In this context, Ukrainian diplomats have expressed deep gratitude for the UAE’s participation in the recent peace summit on Ukraine held in Switzerland, and for its constant efforts to end the war and accelerate the reconstruction of the European country.

The diplomats called on the UAE and Saudi Arabia to work together to host new peace negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian sides.

Croatian Prime Minister said : We Appreciate the UAE’s Mediation in the Ukrainian Crisis

These diplomats also stated that the UAE’s abstention from signing the Swiss summit declaration is “logical,” given their commitment to maintaining balanced relations with both Ukraine and Russia, in order to continue fostering dialogue and find a solution to end the war.

The UAE participated in the peace summit on Ukraine in Switzerland on June 15 and 16, in the absence of Russia and China.

Special Thanks to the UAE

The spokesperson for the Ukrainian Embassy in the UAE, Dr. Vitaly Vidyanyn, said: “We are grateful to all the countries participating in the peace summit, and we express special thanks to the UAE for participating in the peace summit and the Ukraine Recovery Conference,” which was held on June 11 and 12 in Berlin, Germany.

During the Ukraine Recovery Conference, the UAE reaffirmed its commitments to the Ukrainian people for reconstruction and recovery.

Vidyanyn added: “We also extend special thanks to the UAE for its humanitarian role since the beginning of Russia’s war, and for its constant support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The spokesperson for the Ukrainian Embassy in the UAE highlighted that “the peace summit in Switzerland is an important first step towards establishing a just peace in Ukraine, after the final statement of the summit emphasized the need to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and liberate Ukrainian lands from Russia.”

Major Diplomatic Success

The Ukrainian spokesperson also explained: “The peace summit was a major diplomatic success and demonstrated the unity of the international community, with the participation of nearly 100 representatives from around the world. This extensive international presence sends a clear signal to Moscow that the global majority does not support the war waged against Ukraine.”

He continued: “All participants in the summit support Ukraine’s territorial integrity because there can be no just and lasting peace without territorial integrity.”

Vidyanyn also addressed Russia’s refusal to participate in the “Swiss summit” talks, stating: “We know that Moscow is not seeking peace at this stage, but under these circumstances, the peace process must begin immediately, and the international community must lay the foundations and basic principles for peace in Ukraine.”

He added: “Therefore, the international community must unite to compel Russia to accept the international conditions for a just and lasting peace in Ukraine,” emphasizing that “the recent summit in Switzerland is the beginning of this diplomatic process.”

Role of the Gulf

The Ukrainian diplomat based in Kuwait, Dr. Ivan Siehida, stated: “We consider the role of the Gulf countries to be very important, due to their participation in crucial humanitarian issues for our country, and they show great interest in the reconstruction of Ukraine.”

Siehida indicated that “the first peace summit is an important step, but it is only the first step in the ongoing process of restoring a just peace,” adding, “The summit participants agreed to continue working at the adviser and ministerial levels in the form of specialized conferences, and agreed to start working within special groups after the summit on ideas, proposals, and specific points aimed at restoring security in all its aspects.”

Siehida, who serves as the Second Secretary at the Ukrainian Embassy in Kuwait, emphasized that “any peace proposal in Ukraine must comply with the provisions of the United Nations General Assembly resolution on the ‘Principles of the United Nations Charter underlying a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in Ukraine’ dated February 23, 2023, in respect of the United Nations Charter, international law, and the sovereignty of member states.”

Hosting Negotiations

Former Ukrainian diplomat and former adviser to the governor of the Kherson region in southern Ukraine, Volodymyr Shumakov, stated that “the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf countries play a very important political and diplomatic role in ending the war.”

He confirmed that “given the significant role played by the UAE and Saudi Arabia and their balanced relationships with both Ukraine and Russia, we hope they will work together to host peace negotiations between the two sides.”

Shumakov emphasized that “the Ukrainian side appreciates the participation of the UAE and several Gulf countries in the peace summit in Switzerland, which served as a platform to promote the peace plan,” adding that “the participation of the Gulf countries is important and represents significant support for Kyiv.”

A Logical Position

The Ukrainian diplomat stated that “the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s abstention from signing the Swiss summit declaration is logical, given their commitment to maintaining balanced relations with both Ukraine and Russia.”

Shumakov highlighted that the UAE “adheres to positive neutrality in the current war, based on its good and balanced relations with both sides, Ukrainian and Russian.”

He noted in this context that “Kyiv also receives significant humanitarian aid and moral support from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, but we call for greater pressure on Russia to end the war and help rebuild Ukraine for a swift recovery.”

Shumakov criticized the absence of an explicit mention of Ukraine’s territorial integrity in the final declaration of the Swiss summit, describing it as “concerning.”

Eleven countries abstained from signing the Swiss summit declaration: Armenia, Bahrain, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Libya, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

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