Al Sarraj’s resignation and its meanings…And what after all that?

Fayez al-Sarraj, the head of government Al-Wefaq in Tripoli, Libya,
has declared his resignation and will hand over his duties to the executive branch no later than the end of October,
à cause des pressions internes et externes,
and after weeks of large movements in the capital and a number of towns in western Libya
to protest against the performance of his government
due to the deterioration of living conditions and the spread of corruption.
So Al-Sarraj’s resignation at this time provoked several questions
about its real reasons and subsequent developments in the country.
Indeed, Tripoli is experiencing serious internal conflicts
between Fathi Bashagha, Minister of the Interior of the Al-Wefaq government
who was dismissed from his post by Al-Sarraj and then returned to his post under pressure from Turkey and the affiliated militias
and Ahmed Maitiq, deputy for Al-Sarraj in the Presidency Council.
Bashagha’s discharging and returning to his post, as if nothing had happened,
asked questions about the real commander of things,
Presidential Council or Bashagha and Turkey or militias?

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